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Awakening Sun (Wings of the Dawn Book 3) Kristen Hogrefe

Awakening Sun (Wings of the Dawn Book 3)

Kristen Hogrefe

Kindle Edition
246 pages
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 About the Book 

A bogus clinical drug trial. A student’s fatal reaction. A much larger problem.Abby Grant probes into a classmates mysterious death, unaware of the trap designed to lure her and her Uncle Rick Benton back into the path of the organization bent on destroying them.Rick suspects a connection between the bogus trial and a new smuggling operation into Central America, and joins forces with the DEA to unmask the elusive carrier.However, their intelligence depends on former operative Neil DeWitt, now behind bars for his crimes. After a plea deal secures his place in the investigation, only time will tell if he has mended his ways or is simply concealing his true motives.As their team inches closer to answers, Abby glimpses a different side of Neil but still struggles to believe he has changed. As for Neil, he must decide if he can betray her trust for the chance at a new life – or, if in saving her, discover the only way to save himself.