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The Hard Hat Girl- Power Engineer McCulloch Byers

The Hard Hat Girl- Power Engineer

McCulloch Byers

Published 1976
157 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Pretty Marion Francis, 28, had not even sat at her new desk before she was painfully aware that everyone in the big power company--from the top brass down to her steno--seemed to be eye-ing her critically to see if shed fall on her face trying to lead her all-male Power Plant Electrical Engineering Group. Could this first woman engineer hack it?The most jealously resentful began right off trying to trip her up and bag her. Other male chauvinists were content to be skeptical, watching and challenging her every move. There were even lady-killers eager to take her measure. And some were sympathetically helpful to the appealing newcomer, pioneering for her sex.But, after all she had to make it on her own against all odds-or fail. Every hour of every day confronted her with more human conflicts and tough engineering problems. Yet she felt the struggles were all worthwhile-to prove herself and do her part to provide an adequate reliable supply of economical electric power for a prosperous America, strong and free in the world to carry on into the third century of independence.