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Let Dai Vol. 5 Sooyeon Won

Let Dai Vol. 5

Sooyeon Won

Published January 25th 2015
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Fearing for Eunhyungs well-being, Yooneun pleads for Jaehees help. However, when Dai unexpectedly arrives at Jaehees house in a chauffeured car, thoughts of Eunhyung disapear. Dai smugly reveals he has booked a ritzy hotel for a private birthday party. Together, their repressed emotions explode. Passion overwhelms them, until an uninvited interloper crashes the party. Meanwhile, a mysterious biker assaults Yooneun. A knight in shining armor rescues her, but Yooneuns guardian angel could actually be a devil. Finally, Eunhyung finds friends who understand her rage. She musters courage to confront the devil named Dai, but courage may not be enough.