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Centers for Ending Seymour B Sarason

Centers for Ending

Seymour B Sarason

Published August 3rd 2011
ISBN : 9781441957269
124 pages
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 About the Book 

Centers for Ending examines the challenges that the United States faces as its population ages in the coming years. This concise volume combines a critical review and analysis of health care policies and practices with the reflections of one currently living in and experiencing personally the issues of which he speaks. Centers for Ending provides readers with the unique opportunity to examine possible challenges confronting the nation given its impending surge in demand for facilities and personnel care for the elderly.Dr. Sarason uses his personal experience in an extended care facility to depict several of these challenges, including inadequacy in the number of nursing facilities, in general, and affordable facilities, specifically- in the training and supervision of the paraprofessionals primarily responsible for the delivery of care- and in the sensitivity of the medical professionals responsible for prescribing and monitoring care. Using his status as a resident as well as a patient in an expensive, reportedly high-quality facility, Dr. Sarason makes explicit the risks that the nationa (TM)s citizens, elderly as well as their families, face unless significant changes occur in this aspect of the nationa (TM)s health care system.What comes through most clearly is the extent to which those delivering care lose sight of the fact that people rather than symptoms and diagnoses are the recipients of those services. Dr. Sarasona (TM)s poignant descriptions of unintended albeit hurtful interactions between providers and recipients will sensitize readers to examine carefully the nursing care options available for themselves or their loved ones. In many respects, this volume provides the nation and its citizens with a valuable peek into their futures.