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The Secret of the Emerald Sea Heather Matthews

The Secret of the Emerald Sea

Heather Matthews

Kindle Edition
270 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Beneath the waves of the glittering Emerald Sea, there is another world, filled with magic, strange and wondrous creatures, and many mysteries. When a young girl from a small seaside village decides to explore this hidden world one rainy night, she learns a shocking secret that leads to the adventure of a lifetime…Warning: This book when you first start reading it is weird to say the least, but once you get past the first few chapters the book draws you in and you begin to really enjoy it.My Rating: 5 of 5My Cover Thoughts: My first thoughts of the cover were HOLY COW! I loved it. There is a beautiful girl on the cover and she is wearing a white dress sitting on a rock in the middle of the sea. The cover is Emerald green and is absolutely eye catching!My Thoughts/Review: I have to be real honest about this book……. Drum roll please…..When I first started reading this book I did not like it. It was very weird to me until I got to chapter five. In the beginning There is a young girl who lives with her grandmother because her parents have died. She longs to go into the water but it is forbidden by her grandmother. One day she hears the rain coming down and longs to go to the water so she does. When she reaches the water’s edge she goes into the water even though she does not know how to swim. She keeps going into the water until she starts to swim magically. When she is down in the water she finds out she is the daughter of Neptune, King of The Sea. She does not want to live in the water so she tries to leave and Neptune has a fit and creates his huge storm that washes her out to sea. She roams the sea lost until she finds an island.While on this island she learns how to feed herself and build shelter but every night she hears this crying like a baby. She finally decides to go see where the crying is coming from when she finds a baby of two years old crying. The two of them devise a plan to get off the island and get to somewhere safe. They build a boat and go to a small village where they live as brother and sister. Jane is her name and the little boy’s name is Cupid. They go to the small village where Jane reads fortunes to provide a roof over their heads and food in their mouths. Once there Jane falls in love with Lord Sterling and she aches to be with him but she knows that she needs to keep her identity a secret. Plus she has fallen in love with cupid.While all this is going on Neptune is looking for his daughter and wants her back so enlists the help of Minerva The Goddess of Wisdom. Minerva goes to an oracle and looks in a crystal ball to see where Jane is only to find out the old crone wants to be young and beautiful in exchange for the info Minerva seeks. Only when Minerva tells her she will not do that the crone promises to find Jane and kill her. Minerva is distraught by this and goes on an adventure of her own to find Jane first before the old crone kills her.There are a lot of action and side stories in this book that you will love. If you like Mythology you are going to love this book. Just remember what I said the first few chapters are hard to get through but stick with I and you will not regret it. Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Proserpine, Hecate, Diana, are all in this book. Mythology 101 pure bliss! This book made me believe in endless love and the possibility of hope. In the end Parting is such sweet sorrow…..Memorable Quotes: Page 143 Blake laughed and turned to go. ―Parting is such sweet sorrow, he whispered, turning back to kiss her again. She wished to stay there with him forever, but she broke their kiss and helped him as he took his coat off her shoulder and put it back on.Moments later, Blake was gone. I kissed him, she thought wildly. I kissed him. My first kiss, and it was…everything one could ask for. For a moment, she remembered the Cupid‘s kiss, but quickly put it out of her mind.Jane closed the door behind her, and plunked the Cupid, who was wide awake, onto the floor with a thump. She hugged herself and closed her eyes. He kissed me, she said to herself. I kissed him.Advice: I love this book and if you love mythology you will LOVE this book to.